“Create! Store!Share!” – PDST Music

Dear Colleague,

The PDST Music Team is delighted to announce their Autumn series of workshops called “Create! Store!Share!”  This is a repeat of the most recent series and is back by popular demand.  

At this workshop, participants will learn how to design a soundwall gallery using QR codes; create a Padlet and explore its potential; link  Padlet and QR codes with Musescore and Audacity;  learn how to store student work in one place and share access with students for home use.  

Apart from the idea of a flipped classroom, participants will explore practical uses for these tech tools, both in the classroom and in the wider school environment e.g. at open evenings, at parent-teacher meetings and in the promotion of our subject in general.  

Although we will be using the computers provided at the venues, it would be a good idea for participants to bring their own laptop and phone. It would be helpful, but not essential, if Audacity and Musescore were already installed on the laptop. It would also save time if participants created a Padlet account in advance.   

Two of the workshops take place on a Saturday and two take place on weekday evenings. Please click on this link to see the dates, times and venues:

We are looking  forward to catching up with colleagues.

See you soon, we hope!

The PDST Music team