1.         TITLE

The Association shall be called the Post-Primary Music Teachers’ Association abbreviated as PPMTA

    2.1          All persons teaching Department of Education music programmes at post-primary level shall be eligible for full membership.
    2.2          Membership is available and free to all Final/Higher Diploma music students. Student members are not eligible to vote or to be elected onto the Executive committee.
    2.3          Honorary membership may be awarded to past/retired members of the Association by a decision of the National Executive Committee.
  2.         AIMS

To assist teachers in the development of Music Education in post-primary schools.

  1.         OBJECTIVES
    4.1          To provide a network for members at Branch and National level
    4.2          To represent members in all areas pertaining to music education in post-primary schools
    4.3          To represent members in all aspects of curriculum development
    4.4          To represent members on matters pertaining to the Certificate Examinations
    4.5 To keep members informed about changes and developments in Music Education
    5.1          The National Executive Committee will form the executive body for the PPMTA
    5.2          The function of the National Executive Committee shall be to implement the objectives as outlined in 4
    5.3          The National Executive Committee will consist of the following elected officers: Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary, Membership Secretary, Treasurer and delegatesselected from the affiliated Regional Branches.
    5.4          The Officers, elected at the national AGM, shall hold office for two years and may serve a maximum of six years on the National Executive Committee
    5.5          The outgoing Chairperson will be an ex-officio member of the National Executive Committee for one year.
    5.6          The National Executive Committee has the right to co-opt extra members onto the committee for a period to be determined by the Committee.
    5.7 The National Executive Committee shall meet at least once each school term. Members are required to attend at least two-thirds of all notified meetings.
    5.8          Five working days notice of a National Executive Committee meeting must be given to the members by the Secretary, on the instruction of the Chairperson.
    5.9          A quorum for a meeting of the National Executive Committee shall comprise at least four voting members, three of whom must be officers.
    5.10        All matters shall be decided at a National Executive Committee meeting by a simple majority of those members present.
    5.11        The minutes of each meeting of the National Executive Committee of the PPMTA shall be circulated to all members of the National Executive before the next meeting.
    6.1          Each branch should have at least ten members and form its own committee, at a minuted meeting. An annual report should be submitted at the National AGM.
    6.2          The membership year shall commence on the date of payment.
    6.3          Branches will schedule an election of Officers every two years. The Officers at Branch level will include Chairperson and Secretary; this can be the same person.6.4       The names of the branch officer(s) shall be submitted to the National Secretary as soon as possible after the branch AGM.
    6.5        Branches should act in coordination with the National Executive Committee.      .
  4.         FINANCES
    7.1      For accounting purposesthe Financial year shall be from September 1st to August 31st of the following year. Subscriptions are payable from the beginning of the Financial Year.
    7.2       The yearly subscription for members shall be determined each year at the AGM of the association and shall be payable to the treasurer. There is no fee for Associate membership.
    7.3        All financial undertakings and payment of necessary expenses must be authorised by the National Executive Committee

8.1       At the beginning of each year, the National Executive Committee and all affiliated Regional Branches will adopt ‘best practice’ for meetings. See Appendix 1.

8.2       In the event of a mid-term resignation of an Officer serving on the National Executive, the situation will be addressed at the next meeting of the Executive.

In the event of the National Chairperson resigning, the Vice Chairperson will act as Chair until the AGM at Annual Conference.