PDST Music – Spring Series Workshops 2019 Create! Store! Share!

B8635E4B-1AB9-41F3-913F-E7490EA49559• Create a Padlet and explore its potential

• Store student work in one place

• Share access with students for home use/flipped classroom

• Design a Sound Wall gallery using QR codes

➢ For practical use in the classroom ➢ To present Music at open evenings ➢ To celebrate student work at parent meetings ➢ To promote our subject

• Link Musescore, Audacity, Padlet and QR codes

This workshop will include demonstrations, hands-on tasks, use of technologies and resources for the classroom.

Please bring your phones and laptops! It would be helpful, but not essential, if Audacity and Musescore were already installed and a Padlet account created in advance.

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