Opera Club (Arts in Junior Cycle)

Hello Everyone

The Arts in Junior Cycle Teamare excited to collaborate with Irish National Opera (INO)to present OPERA CLUB,a series of six online workshops hosted by INO’s mezzo-soprano Sharon Carty, where participants can meet, discuss and ask questions of a range of national and international stars of opera.  

In the series, participants will have the opportunity to:  

  • View an exclusive selection of INO productions with host Sharon Carty and guest artists
  • Explore how opera is relevant to a range of subject areas 
  • Exchange opinions and ideas about opera  
  • Expand and develop their knowledge of opera as a multifaceted artform. 

No knowledge of opera is required. Places are limited. Register for one, two or more of these workshops below. 
These workshops are free and open to teachers of all subjects as well as music, theatre and dance educators and PME students are very welcome also.  They start on 23 November at 7.00pm with mezzo-soprano Sharon Carty introducing a selection of INO’s ’20 Shots of Opera’. 
In addition, there is a complimentary Music Notebook which can be sent to everyone who registers for any of the workshops. If you have any difficulty registering for any of these workshops, please let us know at artsinjuniorcycle@jct.ie or info@jct.ie and we will help to resolve these issues right away. 

The line up is as follows:Week 1 (23 Nov): INO Mezzo-Soprano: Sharon Carty focuses on INOs ’20 Shots of Opera’ and her career as an opera singer. Register HERE
Week 2 (7 Dec): Choreographer and Director: Emma Martin focuses on ‘Orfeo ed Euridice’ which also stars mezzo-soprano Sharon. Register  HERE
Week 3 (11 Jan): Composer Amanda Feery and Author Megan Nolan focus on the opera ‘A Thing I Cannot Name’. Register HERE
Week 4 (24 Jan): Bass John Molloy join us who plays multiple roles in the opera ‘The Lighthouse’, which is based on actual events. Register HERE
Week 5 (8 Feb): International Set and Costume Designer Nicky Shaw focuses on the beautiful ‘La Cenerentola – Cinderella’. Register HERE
Week 6 (1 Mar): Author and Director Hugh O’Conorfocuses on his career and the opera ‘Alice’s Adventures Under Ground’. Register HERE
This is a wonderful opportunity to get an insight into the world of opera and we hope that as many people as possible avail of it. 

The Arts in Junior Cycle Team offer a host of elective workshops throughout the year which you can remain up to date on by registering for our Mailing List HERE
Thank you for your continued support.
Kind regards,
The Arts in Junior Cycle Team